A Prayer For Country

A Prayer For Country, exactly what it says it is, and also a poem, is travelling to the G20 in Brisbane, as part of the people’s voice.

It’s on the pole of the chai tent, on the other side of which reads the permanent sign, May Peace Reign On Earth.


I am very happy to have this kind of publishing, most importantly, because people will read my prayer, and feel it too. Only good things can come of that.

This is the only way forward. This is the peace of Australia, the face of Australia, that is showing up, to say what we think, regardless of who manipulated themselves into government.

Blackfella, whitefella, all one, all Country.


A Prayer For Country is copyright of Katinka Smit, 2014, but is open for sharing without amendment and without commercial gain, both as this blog post and the actual poem. (But you’ll have to get to the people’s forum at Musgrove Park, Brisbane, to read the actual poem.)


About talesbytink

I've lived various lives in various places but have been a writer at heart the whole time. The experiences of being other things in other lands and times can only make my writing richer. I have no regrets about the road travelled. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
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