I am a writer of stories.

This is how I am. Whether or not I get published or famous or paid for any of this is irrelevant. I think in stories.

When I get taken by an idea, be it scientific or fantastic, idealistic or catastrophic,  romantic or tragic, mundane or profound, it wends itself into my being in the form of a story. I play it out in my mind; I traverse the stage, I make the journey. Wherever the idea goes, I go too. Whatever the idea feels or achieves, I experience it simultaneously.

I am ideas.

I am the communion between what can and what ought and shouldn’t be. I am the union of the impossible and the imaginal. I am the child of what can happen and how to think intelligently.

I am wonder and brilliance and the intimate truth; I am thrilling. I am ecstasy and staticity and indominability. I am all that furls and hides and seethes in the under.

I am dreams.


I am all the truth in the world.

I am memory.


About talesbytink

I've lived various lives in various places but have been a writer at heart the whole time. The experiences of being other things in other lands and times can only make my writing richer. I have no regrets about the road travelled. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
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