Hello everyone, if any of my followers are still hanging around. I apologise for my extended absence; life went pear shaped for quite a while, and I have spent the last couple of months wondering how to make an entrance again.

I am assuming that I will have to start again from scratch, and this seems like a good time to announce some changes in the direction of my blog.

I no longer feel like a beginning writer and I don’t want to continue writing exclusively about my writing process. I am at the stage in my writing career where I am more interested in writing about the things that concern me, and will be using my blog as a platform to stretch my muscles in the areas of opinion and creative non-fiction. This may also sometimes include reflections on the writing process, but generally my interests range over many topics with a focus on how they play out in political, public and spiritual realms. For those who are interested, I am fond of writing that makes people think. I would appreciate feedback on how well I’m achieving this, as well as comments on what I actually write about.

Eventually, I’ll be moving my blog over onto A friend will be helping me to build a website platform with the intention of building a shop into my site. Short stories will be released for sale, both as niche collections and individually, as well as small collections of poetry. It will potentially have a new name, probably just my author name, with a sub-heading. I’ll be launching an author page on Facebook at the same time.

Until those bigger changes happen though, I hope any old followers of mine who still remain will continue to engage with and enjoy my posts, and I’d like to welcome anyone new who jumps on board.







About talesbytink

I've lived various lives in various places but have been a writer at heart the whole time. The experiences of being other things in other lands and times can only make my writing richer. I have no regrets about the road travelled. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
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