The Long Slow Road

To success, that is. And it is. But I’ve had a mantra going for quite some time now, taken from one of those hokey greeting card type of bookmarks, and it’s quite useful, as mantras go.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

And you do have time to enjoy what you travel through.

I say this as inspiration to any authors out there who are presently struggling with the slow-goingness of getting there. And I’ll add, isn’t it exciting discovering how you write? And seeing yourself get better? And feeling that strong stretch and pull of muscles that are getting fit from the regular slog of it?

I enjoy it. I hope you do too. Writing’s too much fun to have no joy with it.

And now, shameless plug: if you’d like to read a story of mine, it’s being published at the Fictional Cafe. This has been my most rejected story to date. I’ve been sending it out for about 2 years now. But ten acts of persistence paid off, and now it’s in a sweet little online publication put out by a really nice bunch of people who care about my story as much as me. (Thanks Jack!).

So to any of you out there having the getting-there-slowly-blues: chop wood, carry water. It will bring you nourishment both in the short and long term.


About talesbytink

I've lived various lives in various places but have been a writer at heart the whole time. The experiences of being other things in other lands and times can only make my writing richer. I have no regrets about the road travelled. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
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